Valentyn I. Prokhorenko
OBJECTIVE Specializing in ultra-fast spectroscopy, lasers, light-matter interaction, biophysics
Scientific research experience in lasers, optical systems development, nonlinear optics & laser spectroscopy. Ultra-fast processes in condensed matter & nano-structures; ultra-fast spectroscopy: pump-probe, photon echo, time-resolved fluorescence; laser physics & technology. Theory of the light-matter interaction, molecular assemblies & excitonic coupled systems. Supramolecular chemistry, quantum chemistry, biosystems, molecular dynamics simulations.
Group leader experience – with scientific & industrial groups.

Lasers & systems

From CW down to femtosecond time scales: solid-state lasers, dye lasers (also in solid matrices), and others. Sensitive differential measurements, single-photon counting techniques, sub-picosecond streak cameras, lock-in techniques, LabView.

Data analysis

Analysis of photo-excitation decay/transfer kinetics using physical models combined with statistical global analysis or personally developed numerical inverse Laplace transform techniques. Own set of programs for data treatment & modeling, including genetic search algorithm.


Programming using MATLAB, C and C++ .


Laser physics, ouantum optics and advance experimental methods courses for graduate students; supervisor and co-supervisor of Ph.D. students.
Staff Scientist

2004 - present

University of Toronto, Department of Chemistry
Visiting Scientist

2003 - 2004

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Biophysics

1998 - 2003

Max Planck Institute of Radiation Chemistry, Prof. A.R. Holzwarth group, Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany
Visiting Scientist

1996 - 1998

Max Planck Institute of Radiation Chemistry, Prof. A.R. Holzwarth group, Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany
Group Leader &
Senior Scientist

1996 - 1998

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Natl. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine
Group Leader

1991 - 1996

Satellite laser-ranging division in the Main Astronomical Observatory (GAO), Natl. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, Kiev.

1977 - 1990

Institute of Physics, Ukrainian Acad. of Sci., Kiev.
Ukrainian State Prize Winner in 1998 for: ”Development of physical basis, research and design of high stable lasers and laser systems for the fundamental investigations, metrology and analytical applications”.

The EU grant # LCVU-375 (2003)

The NWO-fellowship (2003-2004)

Member of SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering).
Member of EPA (The European Photochemistry Association).
Member of OSA (The Optical Society of America).
  In 1989 I set up an industrial company ”Dynamic Ltd.” (Former USSR) for the application of original research results and patents for design and manufacturing of lasers & laser systems, optical components for the different scientific applications and satellite laser ranging. Up to 1996 I was General Director of this company.
MS: 1977, Physics Department of Kiev State University, Ukraine: Optics
PhD: 1987, Institute of Physics, Ukrainian Acad. of Sci., Kiev: "Nonlinear Absorption and Stimulated Emission under One- and Two-Photon Excitation with Picosecond Light Pulses"
English, German, Ukrainian, Russian